3 cases of adventure

you have to have seen it

things to do

Boredom is a decision you make yourself, since there is quite a lot to do in Seefeld. Be it action or chilling out –  here are 5 Must Do’s!

cosiness wins

It already looks romantic in Seefeld with all the snow. And you can make it even better by taking a horsecarriage ride, during which you will also get an overview of the numerous bars and cafes. You just need to go there, put your feet up and relax.
In the monastery brewery or in the woods – whatever you decide, Seefeld has much more of it to offer.
Im Klosterbräu oder dem Woods - wofür du dich auch entscheidest, Seefeld hat noch mehr davon zu bieten.

chic and festive

With high heels through the alleyways and then off to the casino. Here, you will find Seefeld’s world of glamour. For those who want a little less of everything, the numerous festivals are just right. There is something going on here all year round. From spring through to the darkest winter, we celebrate everything that is to be celebrated and you are very welcome!

the new mobility

Going by foot is too boring for you? We have a truly hip alternative that you are guaranteed to like. Get your friends or do it alone – a Segway tour is lined up. Cruise through the city and don’t be stopped by anything. With the striking scooters, you are the star in Seefeld. No driving licence is needed and a coffee to go could also be taken after a little practice.