3 in-drinks for connoisseurs

the best the bars have to give

special moments

Do you get really thirsty even while just relaxing? We have searched the whole of Seefeld and put together the perfect drinks for you. No boring classics – only esteemed It drinks.

softies with heart

Not only delicious, but the next highlight is also coming soon. For those who believe that tea is only for winter, we challenge you to try the “Fesche Fini” tea in the dasMAX bistro. Challenge accepted?


What about trying something that’s usual, but unusual? If you don’t believe that Seefeld could offer this, we are happy to let you know to the contrary. Try a “Bellini Pauly” in Paulys or enjoy one or two “BUBIS Märzen” beers in the monastery brewery. We understand that the choice isn’t easy so we suggest barhopping and hand over the Seefeld bars to you with a good conscience.


Are you, rather, a connoisseur? Seefeld is a place for connoisseurs. The Gin Tonix “Treasure from the East” is worth a trip. Here, you don’t need to go on a long and exhausting journey to experience the pleasures of the Far East. You can get them right here in the bar around the corner. We can’t guarantee that you will then be happy with other drinks afterwards so – drink at your own risk!