Keep on swimming

a pleasant cool down

Keep on swimming

When summer really kicks in and all you want to do is plunge into the water, here are the best tips for you. However, you don’t always have to cool down by throwing your entire body into the cool water, often a trip to deep gorges where not only water splashes is enough.

pearl divers watch out

There are pearls in many places, but the Strandperle lido is only in Seefeld. It is also a real all-rounder. In addition to swimming and splashing around, you can also do numerous other sporting activities here. After the exertion, you can also treat yourself to something here. The restaurant also offers delicious take-aways to feast on right on the shore.

catch me if you can

Sometimes here, sometimes not - periodic lakes are a natural spectacle without equal. As if from nowhere, the two mountain lakes Wildmoossee and Lottensee form amidst green meadows, larch and birch forests on the plateau above Seefeld. Depending on the melt water and precipitation, you can put your feet in the water here in summer. With the Lottensee hut, you can also marvel at this wonder while enjoying food and drink.

realm of the spirits

Here you don't have to get dressed up in swimwear, here you can explore a place that could hardly be more impressive. The Leutascher Geisterklamm (ghost gorge) not only offers pleasant cooling on hot days, here you can also learn interesting things about the region - always with you is the gorge ghost and his goblins. The gorge begins in Schanz and extends into German Mittenwald where a small waterfall trail awaits.

local guides

If this information was not enough or if you want to find out about other ways to cool off, we always recommend our dasMAX Local Guides. We have compiled everything you should not miss in Seefeld and the surrounding area in various categories. You can find them in our hotel or easily download them from our website.