Mom I’m fine

safely into the next adventure

Mom I’m fine

Just like a famous influencer wanted to tell his mother that he is fine and not in danger, we tell you: even if some things take a little courage, you do not have to be afraid. We’ve put together some great activities where you don’t have to be “better safe than sorry”, but can jump into the adventure with a clear conscience.

above the summits

Did you ever fly before? Not by plane and not even down the stairs, we're talking about paragliding. Being free as a bird and looking at the landscape from above can sometimes be quite breathtaking. With the right professional by your side, it sure is an airy highlight.

it's a wild world

Crystal clear water and a breathtaking landscape ahead - there is probably no more beautiful backdrop than to sit in your kayak and take a whitewater tour. With dreamlike paddling tours, you can discover untouched natural landscapes here and get tips and tricks from the pros on whitewater kayaking. But watch out, it could get pretty wet.

super cute & super fluffy

Here, spitting is rare and biting even less so. The alpacas in Seefeld would one probably rather not count to the category adventure, but for some it requires some overcoming at the first visit. We know the videos of spitting alpacas or llamas. However, during a joint hike, the cute fluffy balls will probably quickly convince you that they much more prefer to be petted than to exchange liquids.

local guides

If that's still not enough to get your adrenaline pumping, then check out our dasMAX Local Guides. Whether on our website or directly to take away at our hotel - they are your perfect companion on your adventures through the Olympiaregion Seefeld.