Run Maxian, run!

at a running pace through the olympic region

keep on running

If you walk slowly, you see details, but if you run, you see more places and do something good for your body. No matter what time of year, we don’t let ourselves be distracted from running and enjoy the varied routes in the Olympic region.

around the lakes

Running doesn't have to be boring, often there are also #reallygoodviews to experience. You can find one of them at Lake Möser. If a lake alone is not enough, you can take on the 3 lakes running route and really work out. For detailed views of the landscape, there are also a few rest areas on the route to chill out.

find your trail

Far away from the paved paths you can find trails that are run by real nature lovers. Trail running is also popular in Seefeld. Here you will find numerous forest, meadow or gravel paths that are perfect for a running tour. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, the difference to normal running is only in the surface, but not in the type of running.

local guides

More running routes and other highlights from various categories can be found in our dasMAX local guides in the hotel or on our website for easy download. Specially selected to help you find new adventures in the Olympic region.

special summer runs

Summer is coming and with it hopefully also various events. Among others we hope for the Ultratrail, the Karwendelmarsch and the Transalpinerun. Be there for the running highlights in and around Seefeld.