Unconditional mountain love

the height rush in seefeld

experience landscapes properly

For far too long we have only looked at our dream destinations, our beloved mountains and the great excursion destinations on our cell phones, tablets and computers. It’s time again for a real sense of adventure. We’ll show you the best way to do that this summer.

clammy on the road

If you think you've seen it all here, you're sorely mistaken. Hidden in narrow gorges are usually particularly beautiful and cool hikes in summer. Gorge hikes are always an adventure and with their proximity to the water provide a pleasant cooling on hot days.

not everything has an end

Let's go around. By that we really mean a round, because the hike doesn't always have to end somewhere. We love round hikes because here we can discover new things all along the way and don't have to walk the same path twice. Try it out, we are already fully enthusiastic.

local guides

For those who want to go on the road during their vacation, we strongly recommend our dasMAX Local Guides. Whether in advance online or at tangibel at our hotel. Don't look for your next adventure from anywhere, but choose it from a pre-selected collection, so you experience only the best.

to the huts

You are looking for #reallygoodviews? We have found them, several times! The numerous huts in the Olympic region not only offer delicious food, but also the most beautiful views. Here you can chill out, enjoy the panorama and take a photo or two for your Insta account - hashtag #mountainlover!